GamePower 3D (created under the GPL license) is a C/C++ wrapper designed at creating high-quality games for multiple platforms, using the portability of OpenGL and SDL together.

The project's goal is to fill the need of more quality 3D games on Linux, and to make game programming under Linux easier for the people who come from game programming under Windows or would like to create a game with portable code, which can run in other platforms too (such as Mac OS) without much hassle or major code modifications.

Whoah! this is a BIG BIG BIG update!! actually, I didn't know GP3D would have that much impact in the Ubuntu forums but it looks tons of people have liked it. During all the time that 0.0.1 was around the net, some great people came to help to contribute with the project, between them I'd like to mention Wybiral and tpg because they've helped tons with GP3D.

Thanks to Wybiral, GP3D can load fully animated and textured MD2 files!! Not only that, but if everything keeps going this good, we might have a BSP loader in the next release for all your deathmatching needs! including a particle engine and to be able to load the entities information directly from the BSP file. This should make it easier for people to add enemies, powerups and such right in the editor, and they'll just have to load the info from the code and do their magic. Yay!.

TPG's been working on some cool physics functions that will be available to use. From what I've seen, you can add some type of "ragdoll" physics (useful for when you kill a character, so it looks more real, or stuff like that), add mass and such to an object... it really looks like it has potential, just gotta see how it works and integrate it into SVN for proper testing and inclosure in 0.0.4! :D!.

About my part, however, I've been able to convert all of GP3D into a namespace (so it doesn't conflict with other libraries), been able to compile it as a dynamic library (Linux only) just like SDL does so you don't have to compile GP3D inside your project (and I think it's easier too). I've added and removed functions, made the Move/Rotate/Scale functions more "generic" and moved them to the Core functions class and made a FullScreen AntiAliasing function.

Also, SVN is UP! you all can access the most recent unstable version of GP3D when a new build is made. Hopefully this will allow users to get the latest version without waiting for a full official release, and as such you will be able to help and contribute with the project by fixing/submitting the bugs you find and helping out like that :). All you have to do is go to the Get the source section and grab it! :D.

I also got written permission from Psionic for including some of his models converted to MD2 as example media (until GP3D gets an official model pack) and to be used for the website screenshots! his artwork is truly professional, don't forget to drop by his site! :D


Yay! I finished the first release of GP3D! ^^ so happy heh xD now you all can start tasting the power of GP3D and improving it! Yeah! :D. Head to the Downloads page for more info! :)

Yeah! just like you just read, the site is online at last! :D I'm so happy hehe xD. Anyways, big thanks to the SourceForge guys for providing the hosting and facilities needed to keep this project going, you go! :D.

Other than that, I must say this isn't going to be the final look of the site, though I admit, it looks damn good and I guess I might stick with it for a bit :). GP3D is going nice and steady... school's starting again so I won't be able to work on it as much as I used to in vacations (almost 24/7 xD) but hey, it will keep going :D.

I'm planning to release a pre-alpha source soon, at least for you all to get a taste of what the engine's syntax is going to be and its current capabilities so far. The good thing though is that the current version works on Windows without much hassle... just gotta add a WinMain call and glext.h (if you're using Dev-Cpp of course. I hope so because I am, unless you're kind enough to donate a VC2006/2007 version? XD heh).

Either way, I'm gonna see if I can upload some screenshots and the binary versions of the first example program and sort up the code this week for pre-alpha release, 0.0.1 so we all can start improving it ^_^; (including you! :D).

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