Current version: 0.0.3 (stable)
  • OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) system, meaning each object is a class and can be spawned independently as much as the developer wishes.
  • MD2 object loading!.
  • Basic physics system (untested yet as of 0.0.3 release).
  • Loading of JPG/BMP/TIFF/TGA/PNG textures (by the power of two).
  • Move, Rotate and Scale objects.
  • Create and move multiple lights (up to 8, according to OpenGL limitations, correct me if I'm wrong).
  • Create windowed or fullscreen windows in various OSes without changing a bit of code! (thanks to SDL).
  • FPS counter on the window's titlebar.
  • Change camera's FOV (Field of View) to allow different perspectives on-the-fly.
  • Enable/Disable lighting, depth tests, and OpenGL stuff in realtime.
  • FullScreen Antialiasing.

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